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June 6, 2016:  The North-South Corridor Study Locally Preferred Alternative Report is available.

April 27, 2016:  The Chapel Hill Town Council adopted a Locally Preferred Alternative for the North-South Corridor Study  Details.

The North-South Corridor Study visualization video (click here or on Video icon above) demonstrates conceptual runningway options along the corridor. Its purpose is to demonstrate how vehicular, bus, bicycle and pedestrian traffic might operate under various scenarios. The video does not represent actual final design but rather helps visualize different runningway options.

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The North-South Corridor Study itself is the first step in a multi-phased federal process. The chart below shows key process milestones that would need to be accomplished after completion of this study.

NSCStudyproject implementation process

Take a look at our Study Documents  and let the NSC Study Project Policy and Technical Committees know what you think.  Go to Your Feedback if you are ready to comment.

About the NSC Study: Chapel Hill Transit is conducting the North-South Corridor Alternatives Analysis, “North-South Corridor Study” for short, to evaluate the best methods for moving more residents and commuters along the MLK Boulevard and 15-501 South corridor.   An AA is a detailed study of all reasonable transportation alternatives within a corridor that addresses identified transportation problems. The study area runs from the Eubanks Road Park & Ride lot (a northern terminus) and the popular Southern Village (the southern terminus) and points in between.

Buses every 4 minutes with  overflowincreasing commute times

The goals of the study are to:

  • Improve travel capacity and mobility
  • Provide rapid and reliable transit throughout the corridor.
  • Create positive opportunities for economic development around stations
  • Produce a Locally Preferred Alternative as a step to securing Federal funding to support transit improvements in this corridor.

corridor mapImage shown is a map of the North-South Corridor Study area.